Privacy and Ecology

The only company focused on privacy, ecology, security, customizability, and free for everyone products.

We are preparing a new big update. New much smarter crawler🕷️, so we will be able to serve our own quality results. New awesome mobile UI design improvements...






What is PriEco?

PriEco is a search engine.
This means it searches the internet.
It is similar to others like Google, but also very special.

Why PriEco?

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PriEco providers


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Why PriEco matters?

Your data is your data!

We never collect your personal data.
We collect only data that you provide with us, e.g., your username, email address…
Nothing more, that means you can browse without being tracked and still get results from Google and care about ecology.
You can also use our onion domain with Tor browser to browse super anonymously.


Everything is secured!

We make sure to use the best security practices where ever possible.
From using SSL to best hashing for our registered users.
We use AGPL v3 license. So anyone can see PriEcos code and verify it, make suggestions. No one ca dirrectly modify PriEcos code.
Just try it and see how well it is done.

Ecological from heart.

We take ecology seriously. PriEco was created with ecology in mind.
So we host PriEco on 300% ecological servers.
But we do more!

Planting trees

We are going to use part of our profit to plant trees.
So that planet can easier recover.
Use PriEco and help Earth now.

Clearing oceans

We are going to give part of our profit to clear oceans.
Clearing oceans has a big impact.
With PriEco we can do incredible things.

PriEco providers

Unlimited results!

PriEco gets results from all the other independent search engines. Google, Brave, Bing and Mojeek.
It is also one of a limited number of search engines with the own index. Own results.
That way you are not limited to only one search engine and get the best results possible.

Customize it all!

Customize every aspct of PriEco.
Everything to make it your way.
Colors, placements, text… just everything.
If you don’t want to do it by yourself you can visit our store and get themes made by others ussers like you.
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Call your community!

Do you have question or need help?
Reach to our awesome community at telegram, and discord.
Not even this but also because of our AGPL v3 license our community can help make PriEco even more awesome. Fix bugs, add new features and modify its code for themselfs.

Transparent as glass!

We have nothing to hide.
Go ahead and see our source code, how much money we make. What we saved about you and so on…
Hiding our source code or finance report would go against the initial idea of PriEco. So we just can’t do it.

So what are you waiting for?

Have questions?

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