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The only company focused on privacy, ecology, security, customizability, and open source to create an unbeatable combination of features and user experience


Meet PriEco

PriEco is an all-in-one web search engine! Combining all the best features other search engines have + it’s unique own!

You won’t ever miss some feature other search engine has as all of them are already in PriEco!

Disclaimer: PriEco is still under development and features are being added. If it lacks anything, feel free to contact us


Stay private

All of our products were designed to be completely private, without any compromises, or decrease of usability.

Do everything you did, but in a 100% private environment.

We never collect your personal data and always ask if we can collect anonymous data to improve our services.

Help the nature

Have you ever wondered what environmental impact does your products have?

Our products are designed for maximum efficiency. This increases speed and decreases power usage.

Not only that, but our online services run on renewable energy, and we donate part of our profit to charities.

Power of open source

We value open source software. It increases transparency, trust, collaboration and freedom.

All of our software is always open source with GPL, AGPL or similar license.

We value your feedback and contributions. Our source codes can be found here: Codeberg

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