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PriEcoPriEco, the new private, secure, ecofriendly search engine.

Why PriEco?


PriEco never captures, stores and shares anything about you! 👉

What next?


No Tracters

PriEco doesn’t contain any trackers!
What you search for is your business. That’s why all of our ads are made with privacy in mind.

No JavaScript

We have worked hard to remove all JavaScript from our search engine. All of it replaced PHP, so PriEco is made using HTML, CSS, PHP (That’s it.)


No data

We don’t need any of your personal data. If you create an account, your password will be encrypted with no way for us (or hackers 😉) to get it. The only option is to guess your password. (In our database are many encrypted passwords and if hackers would like to get them they would need to guess them one by one.

Your email is also extremely securely stored.

Open Source

PriEco is Open Source!
Everything about it is open except our API keys and database credentials. But because these are only passwords, we don’t think it is necessary to publish them. Also, if we did, we would love a lot of money.

Our source code can be found here:



🌳PriEco is stored on fully ecofriendly servers. Our Carbon footprint is 0, but not only that. We are also using part of our revenue to plant trees!

Check how many trees we have already planted:

Trees already planted


Google, Bing, Mojeek

Can’t choose between Google, Bing, and Mojeek? Or do you switch between them often? PriEco contains results from all of them!


Hand Picked design

Every color, placement, just everything was made for the best style.

If you would like to change some colors or put image/gif as a background, you can!

Light Mode


Dark mode



How is PriEco special?

PriEco is special in the way in it is everything. We know there are multiple private search engines. Also, multiple ecological search engines. But there is only one “PriEco” which is ecological and private. On top of that it has many more qualities: “Multiple search results providers, unique design, awesome staff which listens to YOUR feedback…”

What PriEco collects about you?

PriEco as well as our Ads doesn't collect anything about you. All of your search queries, history, or anything else isn't stored.

If you set up an account your password will be encrypted with no way for us to unencrypt it.
If you use your e-email for registration/login we did everything to prevent hackers from accesing your e-mail. But we need to so you can recover your account if you forget password. (Your new encrypted password just replace your old encrypted password in our database, WE CAN'T SEE IT.)

How if PriEco ecological?

PriEco is hosted on fully eco-friendly servers powered by wind power plant.

For us, it still isn't enough, so we are giving part of our revenue to plant trees!

How Google, Bing, Mojeek provide PriEco with results?

-You search with PriEco
-Your search query is sent to our servers.
-From here we sent your query to Google, Bing, Mojeek.
-Google, Bing, Mojeek provides us with results for you using their API key. (Yes, they can see what you have searched for. But they see our server searched it, not you and when many people use PriEco Google, Bing, Mojeek gets search queries from all of our searchers from one server.)
-PriEco gets your results and redirects them to you.
-You get the results on your screen.

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