Privacy and Ecology

The only company focused on privacy, ecology, security, customizability, and open source


PriEco is a search engine.
This means it 🔍searches the internet.
It is similar to others like Google, but also very ✨special.

Why PriEco matters?

🇬 Powered by Google, Brave, PriEco, Bing | using our index
🌈 Amazing customizable design | ☀️light, 🌑dark and 🌈custom mode
🔭 Completely private and secure | open-source AGPL v3
🍃 Eco-friendly | plating trees and clearing oceans


Your data is your data!

We never collect your data.
Anonymous analytics are opt in and javascript features are opt out.
That means you can browse without being tracked and still get results from Google and care about ecology.
You can also use our onion domain with Tor browser to browse super anonymously.

Everything is secured!

We make sure to use the best security practices where ever possible.
From using best SSL certificate to best hashing algorith for our registered users.

Ecological from heart.

We take ecology seriously.
PriEco was created with ecology in mind.
So we host PriEco on 300% ecological servers.
But we do more!
•We are going to use part of our profit to plant trees. 🌲
•We are going to use part of our profit to clear oceans. 🐟
PriEco providers

Unlimited results!

PriEco gets results from all of the independent search engines: Google, Brave and Bing.
We developed our own index so besides privately using those search engines. You are also using our index and helping search engine concurrency to grow
That way you are not limited to only one search engine and get the best results possible.

Customize it all!

Customize every design aspect of PriEco.
Everything to make it your way.
Colors, placements, text… just everything.
If you don’t want to do it by yourself you can visit our store and get themes made by other users like you.
rainbox flowers to show customizability

Transparent as glass!

We have nothing to hide.
Go ahead and see our source code and how much money we made.
Hiding our source code or finance report would go against the initial idea of PriEco.
So we just can’t do it.

So what are you waiting for?

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