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Roman Láncoš

Roman Láncoš has found JojoYou’s studio on 4.11.2018. He lives in Slovakia.
When he created JojoYou’s studio, he was the only one there. At this time he was mainly learning how to code and make games. At first, he was making his games in Unity engine from which he learned to program in C#. He was also programming his website from where he learned HTML, CSS, PHP. But this site wasn’t that good, so he deleted it and, now they are using this website. After some time he has found awesome guy Vampiurek. Vampiurek is mainly helping Roman Láncoš with models for their game because Roman Láncoš can’t make 3D models.


Vampiurek is the main modeller in JojoYou’s studio. He has made many models for the game, including the main character, all enemies and more. He helped a lot.



Snoozed_ has made discord server at the beginning. From that time discord server changed many times and, more people came there. At this time he isn’t doing anything on the discord server but he started it and that is a big help.
Also now he is twitch streamer.


Snowman's adventure

Snowman’s adventure is our first game. It was made only by Roman Láncoš between 4.11.2018 – 27.1.2019. In the story, you are Snowman and trying to kill the main boss (this has been never added). In this multiplayer, you are playing as a reindeer. You are trying to kill as many monsters as possible. Monsters can’t kill you but they can push you out from the map. After that, you can buy clothes for coins that are falling from these monsters. To rejoin the multiplayer you have to restart the game. The game is not finished yet but it is playable. There is the main mechanic of the game but the story was never finished. Also, you can shoot only to the right because the newest game version is lost.


Time Shooting

Time shooting was made in few days after Snowman’s adventure game was lost. Roman Láncoš learned there quite a lot but the game is unplayable.

Alien's Planets

Alien’s planets is a game made after Time Shooting. In this game, you are an alien and you are trying to get to planets and kill enemy creatures there. However, this game was also never finished. But the next game evolved from this one.


Alien's Planets 3D

Unnamed Game

This game is the game that we are creating these days. It doesn’t have the name and the story is secret so that is all we can write here.

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